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Dr Michael E. Northcutt (Orthodontist)

Dr Michael E NorthcuttOne of the pioneers in the science of modern orthodontics, Dr Northcutt has been practicing for more than four decades after completing his residency from UCSF in 1964. He has 7 patents in the field of orthodontics and his inventions on instruments and appliances continue to be used by orthodontists all over the world today.

He treats patients of all ages and is an expert on interventional orthodontics where young children are treated with braces so they have perfect dentition when they grow older. His other interests include foreign policy, finding simple solutions to complex problems and healthcare reform.

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Come, meet Dr Michael E. Northcutt and let him solve your childís dental problems once and for all.


Northcutt Crown Axis Indicator

Dr. Michael Northcutt has developed a new instrument for increasing the accuracy of bracket placement in the posterior segments, especially when initial bracket placement is performed by staff members. The doubleended Northcutt Crown Axis Indicator holds 2mm-diameter graphite pencil leads at an angle and is designed to allow the doctor to easily mark the long axis on the height of contour of the posterior teeth. According to Dr. Northcutt, bonding time and bracket repositionings can be greatly reduced.

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